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A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Cara grew up surrounded by beautiful scenery, excellent food, and plenty of Southern hospitality. Cara attended Clemson University where she received a bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications. Her curriculum included photography classes, which led her to discover her innate talent and deep love for photography. Cara's degree obtained her a job up North, where she worked as a Marketing Manager for 5 years. Working in marketing and managing ad agencies kept her very close to the creative process, but her passion still ran deep in shooting photographs. Cara's move to Raleigh in the Spring of 2004 gave her the transition she needed to springboard her into her new career as owner and photographer at f8 Photo Studios.

"I truly enjoy laughing, exploring, and having fun. I love lemurs, roller-coasters, and trampolines (I simply must jump on them when I see them). I hold a deep love for my family and friends which I truly believe makes me a better photographer. I love it when my friends start out as clients." 





Born and raised in Southern California, Adrienne started her journey of Wedding Photography at film school. She loved telling stories. Her initial goal was to write, but she soon discovered the visual side of storytelling after taking several required classes in cinematography, photography, and film design. The rest is history. She started working for a photography studio in California and discovered that wedding photography was the perfect marriage of her knack for telling stories and her passion for creating beautiful imagery.

In early 2010 Adrienne moved to North Carolina, which is when she met Cara at f8 Photo Studios. When Adrienne wasn't shooting weddings for her own studio she was often working as an assistant photographer for Cara. Both a friendship and a great working relationship formed between the two. After 8 wedding seasons working with f8 Photo Studios and a 10+ year career in shooting weddings Adrienne couldn't be happier with where her journey with telling stories has landed her. 

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Lindsay has been working as a professional photographer for 10 years. After studying at NYU, she worked for several commercial photographers in NYC and as an associate photographer for an event photography studio. She loved the frenzied pace and energy of New York, and had the privilege of photographing dozens of celebrities and political figures at some of the most famous venues there, but after 14 years of living in NYC she started to crave a slower pace and higher quality of life. In March of 2013 Lindsay moved to Raleigh where she is loving her new lifestyle.

After moving to North Carolina Lindsay quickly began searching for local photography studios to work with, which is when she met Cara at f8 Photo Studios. Lindsay's long career as a professional photographer coupled with her extensive event experience made her a great addition to the f8 Team where she continues to thrive as one of f8's great visual storytellers.  

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Lacy is the newest member of the f8 team. She grew up in Georgia and moved to Boone, North Carolina to spend 4 years in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains while getting her Commercial Photography Degree. After that she moved to the Raleigh area where f8 Photo Studios was able to snatch her up as one of our wonderful assistant photographers. 

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